Siobhan Purdy

Siobhan’s work is created from memories, experience and family history. She paints using oils on canvas or board. Her surfaces build up a history. She likes to give a sense of vulnerability on the surface with a feeling of strength underneath, revealing the history of the earlier layers. Sometimes areas of the paint have a crayon-like effect which enhances the childlike qualities she aims for. 

For Purdy, structure and composition are important. She often moves a canvas around many times before she is happy. Not everything works first time. It is important to her to have a good subject/narrative. She likes to paint people, particularly children and animals. She often uses animal features combined with human figures to enhance expression of character and to create an element of extended reality, emphasising the dreamy qualities of her work.

I Don't Want to Play House
For the Love of Frida
Salon Ladies

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Flowers in the Air