Man Ray

Man Ray, born Emmanuel Radnitzky (1890 - 1976) was an American Artist who spent the majority of his career in Paris. He was a significant contributor to the Dada and Surrealist movements. Even with the major works Man Ray produced in various media, he considered himself a Painter most of all. Alongside Jean Arp, Andrea Masson, Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso, Man Ray was represented in the first Surrealist exhibition at the Galerie Pierre in Paris, 1925.

Rare Exhibition Poster

An extremely rare poster for an exhibition at the Galerie Francoise Tournie in 1972.

Rare because it was produced on incredibly delicate, transparent paper, designed not to last and wholly unsuitable for the purpose. Hence it's not in perfect condition with some knocks and tears around the edges but it's still fabulous and we've framed it beautifully.

  • Medium: Exhibition Poster 
  • Dimensions:  180 x 110mm
  • Certified by: Hidden Gallery

  • £1,500