Antony Micallef

Antony Micallef (born 1975) is a British contemporary artist and painter working in London. He appeared on the British art scene after being a prize winner of the BP Portrait Award competition. Since then, his mix of political imagery fused with contemporary expressionism has won him worldwide acclaim.

Save My Soul

  • Medium: Screen print
  • Date: 2005
  • Edition: 250
  • Dimensions:  70 x 50 cm 
  • Signature: Hand signed
  • Produced by: Pictures on Walls
  • Certified by: Hidden Gallery



Inspired by the artists trip to Bethlehem for Santa's Ghetto. 

The wall pictured represents the separation wall between Israel and Palestine and features artwork by Paul Insect and Banksy.


  • Medium: Screen print
  • Date: 2008
  • Edition: 150
  • Dimensions:  91.4 x 69.9 cm before framing
  • Signature: Hand signed 
  • Certified by: Hidden Gallery


Previously Sold

Below are some of the works that we have previously sold. If you would like us to source a work by this artist, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Mythic Weapon - Improvised Minotaur from Impure Idols

  • Medium: Lithograph printed in colours
  • Date: 2007
  • Edition: 400
  • Dimensions:  935 x 645mm (36⅞ x 25⅜in) (unframed)
  • Signature: Signed and numbered in pencil
  • Published by: Lazarides Gallery, London
  • Certified by: Hidden Gallery



  • Medium: One colour screen print
  • Date: 2008
  • Edition: 150
  • Dimensions:  87 x 76cm 
  • Signature: Signed and numbered 
  • Published by: Pictures on Walls, London
  • Certified by: Hidden Gallery