Susie Harding

For Harding, life drawings on paper and paintings on canvas originate from the Extreme Poses Life Class held by Paul Fowler at Pegasus Arts in Griffin Mill, Stroud. Because the poses were held for a short time in straps attached to the ceiling, the work is an intense response to the suspended models in a concentrated timeframe.  

Life drawing for Harding is about process. It is an essential piece of ‘trade’ and is about being full engaged in an ongoing process of mark making which is always developing. When a life model gives you the gift of a pose, that vulnerability, that fragility is also a strength. It is what we all have in common and is something she seeks to engage in her work.

Nude 1,2,3

Each framed with UV protective and anti-reflective perspex set within a beautifully hand painted ash frame.

  • Medium: Charcoal and pastel on acrylic ground
  • Edition: Unique
  • Dimensions: 96 x 96 cm (including frame)
  • Signature: Signed
  • Certified by: Hidden Gallery

  • £1850 each