Studying at Birmingham, Leeds, and The Slade School of Fine Art, Matthew Ensor’s reputation continues to grow with examples of his work in many public and private collections, including The Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, The Professional Footballers Association, The Pamela Stephenson/Billy Connolly Collection and the National Football Museum. A former printer, sign writer, toy designer, illustrator, and Senior Lecturer in Art and Design, Ensor now exhibits his work with galleries and art fairs throughout Europe.

“I have had a constant battle to communicate, a lifetime of effort to participate, striving to be accepted and constantly trying to disguise my inadequacies. I have always felt stupid and not as intelligent as others. I still carry this irrational trait. These feelings I hope are an intrinsic part of these sculptures.” 

“Some viewers may be shocked that a deaf and dumb child is portrayed in this way. They may find it derogatory and insulting but as a deaf person trying to express my emotions, I have the need to stimulate discussion.” 

“The desk evokes the problems education can cause to the individual. Constantly in trouble, stood in corners, on chairs, pulled out to the front, smacked, punished, and abused. But worst of all to be called a 'stupid boy'.”

“The figure is placed on an empty radio case, no mechanics, broken and empty. Deprived of clarity of sound, I have a constant battle to hear. It requires concentration to make sense of any sound, I have to decipher everything. Every sound mixes together, causing distortion and a slurring effect. Just try listening to an out-of-tune radio for any length of time.”

Chicken's Revenge


Pigs Might Fly




Madame Defarge


'O' for Orange


Quietly Defiant




I Can't Hear the Sea