Dan Gardiner

Gardiners Recycled Robots

Dan breathes life into these wonderful creations in his workshop in Bristol, using all manner of found and recycled materials. 

Each work oozes a character and personality all of it's own, usually suggested by the materials used. 

Each piece is truly unique and is accompanied by a fact sheet detailing the creatures d.o.b, the materials used and a potted biography.

Vanquisher £165 (height 23 cm)
Harmony £165 (height 30 cm)
Marvin £140 (height 30cm)
Grug £140 (height 29 cm)
Lois £190 (height 60 cm)
Ernie £225 (height 54 cm)

Barry £85 (height 22 cm)
Iris £110 (height 21 cm)
Norman £190 (height 60 cm)
Rocky £120 (height 28 cm)
Beryl £85 (height 22 cm)
Case £130 (height 25 cm)

Previously Sold

If you see a work below that you'd like us to source for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch

Sirius £Sold
Will £Sold
Scratch & Dent £Sold
Rai £Sold
Mel £Sold
Torch £Sold
M4001 £Sold
Sophia £Sold
Leone £Sold
Fernando £Sold
Burnie £Sold
Hide £Sold
Heli £Sold
Hay £Sold
Caffeine £Sold
Brian £Sold