Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Hand-Signed photograph - study for Les Grandes Baigneuses

A fine photographic reproduction of a study by Renoir, showing nude bathers playing together one of many sketches made by Renoir as a study for Les Grandes Baigneuses.

The photograph which was taken in 1909 has been signed by the artist in black ink and was contemporaneously signed, dated and notarized as authentic by the Mayor of Cagnes, with the Mayor’s official stamp.

This photograph was originally part of the archive of Renoir's art dealer, Ambrose Vollard who in order to protect against forgeries and ownership battles after the artists death had the original works photographed, then signed by artist and notarized by the Mayor of Cagnes.

The majority of the signed and notarized photographs were transferred to the Musee D'Orsay, Paris on Vollards death aside from a very small number used to settle the affairs of the estate.

This is one of a tiny number in private hands.