Tracey Emin

The 'Neons' - complete set

A unique complete set of all seven hand-signed 'neon' lithographs.

Each artwork has been produced on heavyweight 250 gsm silk finish wove paper and has been signed by the artist in silver pen  

Each from a limited edition of just 500 and measuring approximately 70 x 50 cm

An example of each is shown below for illustration. The original Emin International postal tubes have been retained for provenance purposes bu the full set has been framed to museum standards.

To our knowledge this is the only complete set available worldwide.


Also now available as individual prints from £1750

Work before the signature

Hand-signed illustration against land-mines

An illustration from a book published in 1998 to raise awareness and funds for a campaign in support of a worldwide ban on anti-personnel landmines. Each page featured a facsimile signed artwork by a celebrity of the day, however just 50 deluxe copies were hand signed by each.

The image right shows the work prior to being signed, the image on the left shows the signature which has been signed in black ink. 

£Sold 22/04