Dan Gardiner

Gardiners Recycled Robots

Dan breathes life into these wonderful creations in his workshop in Bristol, using all manner of found and recycled materials. 

Each work oozes a character and personality all of it's own, usually suggested by the materials used. 

Each piece is truly unique and is accompanied by a fact sheet detailing the creatures d.o.b, the materials used and a potted biography.


Parts: Ice buckets, toy parts, lid, desert bowls, pressure cooker, spotlight parts, clock parts, asthma inhaler canister, salt and pepper shakers, fan-casing

DoB: 28th June 2018

Akira is a rescue robot, equipped with powerful claws to lift heavy objects and a jetpack to reach the most difficult of places. Akira’s mission is to help those in need.

He is magnificent at 90cm tall.