The Walled Off Hotel

On March 8th, 2017, Banksy opened a hotel in Bethlehem to help raise awareness of the difficulties faced by Palestinians.

Named The 'Walled Off' Hotel it is right up against the separation wall and contains numerous artworks and familiar Banksy themes.

As with most hotels Banksy's hotel also contains a gift shop, where residents may purchase souvenirs of their stay. Unlike most hotels residents are only permitted to buy one piece of Banksy art per day and it is pot luck which of the art is available on any given day.

The following lots were purchased from the gift shop and all come with their original sales receipts. 

These pieces are not available online or via mail order, they must be purchased in-person.

Walled Off Hotel Box Set

A giclee print produced in Bristol, mounted together with a piece of painted wall to produce a unique work, assembled in Palestine.

From the official unsigned and un-numbered edition on sale to residents only at Banksy's Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem.

Measuring 23 x 23 cm and sold in its original frame.  


Balloon Girl

A mini Separation Wall sculpture bearing Banksy's iconic stencilled Balloon Girl image and a mini street artist figurine. Accompanied by the original purchase receipt.


Monty Python - Life of Brian

A mini Separation Wall sculpture bearing Monty Pythons iconic title from the film 'Life of Brian' stencilled onto it together with a mini street artist figurine. Accompanied by the original purchase receipt.

Banksy is apparently a Monty Python fan and this piece is highly sought after.


Tesco Value Petrol Bomb

An offset lithograph produced by the artist in 2011.

The lithograph features an image created by Banksy subsequent to the riots that took place following the opening of a Tesco store on Stokes Croft (the epicentre of the Bristol street art scene and home to Banksy’s ‘Mild Mild West’ work which coincidentally also features a petrol bomb).

The piece measures 40 x 50 cm and was issued in a plate signed edition of 1000.

With Banksy prints now regularly fetching £10k - £20k this is an affordable way of owning an iconic Banksy image.

We have framed the work using museum grade materials and anti UV glass to preserve it in mint condition.