Rare Artefacts

We love interesting artefacts and beautiful furniture and can't help but be excited when interesting pieces cross our paths. See below for a sample of the unique pieces currently in our collection.

Harappan Zebu figure.

This earthenware modelled Zebu was unearthed in the Indus Valley and dates from the Harappan civilization (ca. 2600-2450 BC) making this beautiful little figure more than 4,000 years old.

Modelled in terracotta the surface has been marked by dark painted lines, emphasizing the forward-curved horns, the elongated snout and the hump. Measuring just 3.5" x 4"

£ 1,250

Gilded Lohan - Song Dynasty China

A carved wooden figure (possibly camphor wood) of a seated Lohan (enlightened being) measuring approximately 9".

This serene and suitably beatific figure has been gilded throughout and dates from the Song Dynasty which ruled China from 960 - 1279 A.D.